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Home & Garden

Baby & Kids

First time parent are confronted with an entire marketplace of ethical questions. From disposable diapers, which cost parents approximately $800/year and fill up landfills—to baby products that may contain harmful chemicals, parents must confront how their purchases impact not only their baby, but the larger society and world.

Building & Design

With a little thought, we can create environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, healthy and beautiful places to live and work.

Cleaning Products

Many common household cleaning products contain ingredients that produce harmful fumes or are corrosive to skin. Many contend that the toxins are minimal and not harmful, but questions remain about the real impact these chemicals have on people and the environment. Do ‘eco’ or ‘green’ labels really mean that the products are environmentally friendly? Or is it just green-washing?


Americans are more aware of their energy consumption than ever before. Yet, there is seemingly little change in consumer habits. Advances in energy technology are making it possible for us harness the wind and sun, and wean us from our addiction to fossil fuels—but are these alternatives viable for the average American? Until there are answers to the big issues, we can make small steps toward greater efficiency and conservation.


Gardens and lawns are extremely important to Americans, but how can we have beautiful gardens, green laws, and a safe outdoor environment. Pesticides are certainly harmful, but to what extent? How are they manufactured and what is their real impact on not just bugs and weeds, but birds and other animals. Are any garden care companies more ethical?


Much like home furnishing or building, offices have become a new battleground in the fight over global warming. When most people think of the environmental impact of small or home offices, they probably start and stop with paper use. But there is much more that can be done since it is not just about using recycled products or making sure that your office recycles. You can take other measures to ensure that your office is environmentally responsible.


Where do you buy a family pet? Those cute puppies in the store windows of your local pet store may have come from a place that breeds pets with little thought or care about the dogs’ well-being. Even if you know they come from a respectable breeder or non-profit, what kind of pet? Are "designer" dogs the coolest thing ever, or just a fad? And when it comes time to feed your pet, do you opt for organic pet food—or is that taking things a bit too far?

Buy It

Don't Buy It

  • Maker of violent anti-social video games
  • Processed meat sold as 'natural' food. Union-buster.
  • Unethical marketing of baby formula in developing nations
  • Genetic Engineering and Monopolistic behavior = Monsanto
  • World's largest oil company--human rights, oil spills and misinformation about climate change